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Mabrouk Furniture Exhibition
Omar Al-Mokhtar St.
Downtown, Gaza
Tel: 08-2865375
Category(s): Bedding
Mahamda For General Trade
Hetteen St.
Downtown, Nablus
Tel: 09-2377641
Category(s): Bedding
Maher Tex for Curtains & Decor
Al-Quds Open University St.,Near Shuhada' Al-Shate' School
Al-naser, Gaza
Tel: 08-2875152, 0599-745678
Mahmoud Yaseen Shurrab Store
Shurrab St.,Near Ahel Al-Sunneh Mosque
Downtown, Khan Younis
Tel: 08-2069230
Category(s): Bedding
Majd for Home Bedding
Al-Shuhada' Circle
Downtown, Nablus
Tel: 0599-351087
Category(s): Bedding
Mal Al-Sham
1 Fl.,Near Nablus Bus Station Compound
Downtown, Tulkarm
Tel: 0599-371663, 09-2673224
Category(s): Bedding
Malak Curtains
Bour Sa'eed St.,
Eastern Area, Tulkarm
Tel: 0599-331686
Mansour for Curtains Workshop
Al-Muntazah St.
Old City, Al-bireh
Tel: 02-2407622
Maqboul Stores
Hetteen St.
Old City , Nablus
Tel: 09-2372054
Category(s): Bedding
Mintecs Stores for Bedding
0 Fl.,Hebron Center Bld.,
Bab Al-zawyah, Hebron
Tel: 02-2211979
Category(s): Bedding
Mohammad Al-Arab Store
Al-Omari St.,
Downtown, Dura-hebron
Tel: 02-2280036
Category(s): Bedding
Mohammad Ali & Ziyad Al-Muhtaseb Co.
Al-Mas'oudi 23 St.,
Downtown, Jerusalem
Tel: 0522-211852, 02-6261382
Mohammad Omar Al-Torukmani & Sons Co.
Falasteen St.
Al-remal, Gaza
Tel: 08-2827025
Category(s): Bedding
Mohammad Omar Al-Torukmani & Sons Co.
Omar Al-Mokhtar St.,Near Gaza Municipality
Downtown, Gaza
Tel: 08-2888050
Category(s): Bedding
Mu'een Center for Curtains & Décor
Al-Wehdah St.
Al-remal, Gaza
Tel: 08-2824986, 0599-885100
Mu'tasem Store
Main St.
Downtown, Qalqilia
Tel: 09-2946940
Category(s): Bedding
Muhtawayat Al-Manzel Company
1 Fl.,Na'eem Abdel Hadi Bld.,Omar Al-Mokhtar St.,
Downtown, Nablus
Tel: 09-2387038, 0599-840447
Murad for Curtains & Decor
Al-Wehdah St.,
Al-remal, Gaza
Tel: 0599-154447, 08-2846647
The Modern House
Al-Malek Talal St.,Near Post Office
Downtown, Jenin
Tel: 04-2436192
Category(s): Bedding
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